TT Electronics plc in Recognition of Maxmega Electronics continued support IRC/WELWYN for the Best Asia Pacific sales growth in 2005

Feb 7, 2006 – TT electronics plc presented an award to Maxmega electronics in recognition of the company effort for being the Best Asia Pacific sales growth in year 2005. The award was presented to Mr Nelson Chuang (President of Maxmega Electronics) by Mr Janson Chuen (General Manager of TT electronics Singapore).

About TT electronics Plc

TT electronics plc is a focused, global electronics company supplying the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive, telecommunications, computing and industrial electronics markets.

TT’s continuing investment in modern manufacturing equipment and the development of new technologies is based upon understanding our customers’ needs and providing solutions.

In addition, through strategic relationships with original equipment manufacturers around the world, we are now in the enviable position where we gain double benefit – from the growth in their markets and from the increase in the electronic content of end products.