SMK – Touch Panels



Resistive Touch Panels

The touch panel, used in most screening opportunities, is an analogue type using the resistive system. It can provide smooth input operation using a pen or a finger. In SMK, three types of structures are provided in response to customer needs.

  • Film/Glass
  • Glass/Glass

Optical Touch Panels

OT Series
Optical Touch Panel
1. A touch panel is suitable for equipment of general use or requiring high level reliability.
2. Thin and compact design by the use of SMT type optical elements.
3. Input surface sizes can be customized to meet individual applications.
4. Drip and dust-proof design due to the protective panel.

Resolution: Single precision (L:6.6mm・W:6.6mm)
×2 precision (L:3.3mm・W:3.3mm)
×4 precision (L:1.65mm・W:1.65mm)
Supply Voltage: 5V±5%

POS, ATM, Ticket vending machine, KIOSK

Capacitive Touch Panels

A projected capacitive touch panel that is capable of multi-touch input and gesture input.