Pole/Zero – ICE4000 Series




The ICE4003 is a dual channel filter that provides two independent UHF TX/RX channels in a single package. Each channel can operate autonomously into a dedicated antenna or both channels can be combined into a single antenna. Furthermore, the combiner used in the ICE4003 is capable of combining any combination of TX/RX signals while minimizing path loss. Currently, supported radios include the ARC-225 and ARC-210. The ICE4003 is designed with a flexible interface to support future radio requirements, such as JTRS. A mounting tray is available as an option for easy incorporation on your platform.


The ICE4004 is an agile filter for both the VHF and UHF frequency bands. It allows simultaneous operation of a number of transceivers in the cosite environment. The VHF/UHF Filter provides significant RF selectivity to reduce broadband noise in transmit mode of operation and to reduce interfering signals at the transceiver’s RF input in receive mode. The design is highly integrated, including Built-in-Test, a failsafe bypass mode and an ARC-210 interface. The ICE4004 fits the standard ATR-1 Long mounting tray.


The ICE4005 is a UHF SATCOM High Power Transmit Filter/Amplifier (HPTF/A) designed to provide 125 Watts minimum RF output power in the 290 to 320 MHz frequency range. This system provides excellent selectivity and broadband noise performance. It enables simultaneous operation of multiple transceivers in a cosite environment. The ICE4005 provides an RF input switch for customer input selection between two (2) customer-specified radios. This filter incorporates extensive Built-In-Test capability, has been qualified for airborne platforms, and has applications on ground-mobile and shipboard communication systems. This unit is qualified for use in military applications. A mounting tray is also available for easy incorporation on your platform.