BSC – NANO Transitions




Neat Adapter No connector (NANo) transitions provide a compact, cost-effective solution for applications requiring a waveguide launch without a co-axial transition, thus reducing insertion loss or noise figures. Available in a variety of mount options NANo’s can also be customised for optimum performance over specific frequency bands.

NANo’s allow in-line waveguide launches directly onto the pin of an adjacent microwave module, thus removing the need for a coaxial interface and attendant losses. Mating components can be tested with field replaceable co-axial connectors, which can then be removed and the central pin inserted into the NANo. The component is then securely screwed to the NANo.

Low cost and revolutionary in concept, NANo performance is comparable with precision right angled transitions. Return loss being >14dB across the full waveguide frequency band or higher for custom bands. BSC Filters’ NANo range is available in either brass or silver plated aluminium. Hermetically sealed pin receptacles are also available.

Specials are available for improved performance or mechanical changes.