Deeter – Litz Wire



Litz Wire

Advantages of using RUPALIT® HF litz wires:

  • less warming of the components
  • less size of the components
  • Substantial reduction in weight
  • Increased efficiency
  • less skin- and proximity losses
  • less eddy current losses
  • Elimination of overheating from eddy currents
  • Avoidance of “hot spots”
  • high breakdown voltage of the insulation

Pack Feindrahte Litz Wire:

  • Rupalit HF- litz wire
  • High copper fill factor
  • Triple insulated litz wire
  • Planar ribbon
  • RUPLAIT Classic and Classic Plus Litz Wire
  • RUPALIT® Safety Litzwires
  • RUPALIT® Profile Litzwire
  • RUPALIT® Planar Litzwire
  • RUPOL® Safety
  • RUPALIT 05