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VIA Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator and developer of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessor and multimedia and communications chips. They have also acquired Cyrix (CPU) and S3 (Graphics Chipsets) to the growth. In addtion, they have a VIA platform solutions division which offers a wide selection of VIA branded platform for building.
Product range includes:-
  • High Performance PC: VIA C3 + Apollo P4x266A
  • Information PC: VIA C3 + VIA Apollo P433
  • Set Top Box: VIA C3 + VIA Apollo PL133
  • Web Pad: VIA C3 + Integrated North Bridge + VT8231 (South Bridge)
  • Firewire: VT6302, VT6306
  • Fast Ethernet Controller: VIA Rhine III (VT6105)
  • Tablet PC: VIA C3 EBGA Processor, VI
  • Mainboard: VIA ProSavage PN133T
To purchase or find out the price of the products, you may do your Shopping with us.
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