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Litz Wire

Litz wire is a type of cable used in electronics to carry alternating current. The wire is designed to reduce the skin effect and proximity effect losses in conductors used at frequencies up to about 1 MHz. It consists of many thin wire strands, individually insulated and twisted or woven together, following one of several carefully prescribed patterns often involving several levels (groups of twisted wires are twisted together, etc.). This winding pattern equalizes the proportion of the overall length over which each strand is at the outside of the conductor.

The term litz wire originates from Litzendraht, German for braided/stranded wire or woven wire.

Pack Feindrahte Litz Wire:

Deeter - Litz Wire

  • Rupalit HF- litz wire
  • High copper fill factor
  • Triple insulated litz wire
  • Planar ribbon

Deeter - Litz Wire

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