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60 Series Vertical Float Switch

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Small vertically mounted liquid level sensor designed for high temperature/high pressure operation and sensing chemically aggressive liquids. The design provides a cost effective solution where high reliability in a demanding environment is called for. Ideal for applications in food, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Product Features:

  • Suitable specific gravity 0.6
  • Maximum Pressure 500KPa
  • Operating Temperature between -20 to 200°C
  • PVC Cable length 1 metre (adjustable)
  • Weight 30g


Switch Contact Ratings (pure resistive load). For other loads ie. capacitive, inductive or incandescent lamps please contact Deeter for advice.
"-C" option Form C SPDT contacts. 10 Watts max. 60V DC max.switching voltage 200V DC breakdown voltage 1.0A max. switching current
"-50" option Form A SPST contacts. High power switching 50 Watts max. 240V AC max. switching voltage 1.0A max. switching current. Device must be earthed.

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