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Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) was incorporated in the State of California in October 1997. The company's corporate headquarters are located in Los Gatos, California with a branch in Taipei, Taiwan. MPS is a fabless, high quality, cost effective, reliable, analog power IC product solutions semiconductor manufacturer. MPS designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and markets it's own products. MPS has differentiated itself by specializing in analog circuits with integrated high performance power capability. Using our expertise in analog design, combined with our experience in IC processing, we provide higher performance products, enhanced by lower manufacturing costs and excellent reliability to our customers.

With an initial strategic market focus in the portable/mobile computing field, Monolithic Power Systems introduced the first integrated full bridge power IC solution for the Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight inverter marketplace in 1999. Our CCFL family of products is widely accepted at both the major suppliers of inverter modules and the OEM/ODM manufacturers of PDAs, notebooks, eBooks, tablets and monitors. Our products can be found inside of many Fortune 500 Company's notebooks, video cameras, PDAs and other applications. MPS continues to develop next generation CCFL products with a focus on higher integration and lowering system costs. MPS recently introduced portfolios in the Power Audio Amplifier, White LED Driver, and DC to DC Converter arenas. Our new Class D Audio Amplifier products offer Class AB sound quality with the efficiency of Class D design . This is reflected in our low THD + N of <0.1% and efficiency ratings greater than 90%. Our White LED Drivers support a wide variety of LED combinations in the smallest packages available in their class. Our DC to DC Converters utilize the industry's smallest on board power switches while allowing one of the highest input voltages (36V). All MPS' products offer the synergy of high and low voltage analog circuitry combined with power handling capabilities.

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