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Xmultiple has developed an innovative line of RJ / MicroSD combo connectors to include versions also integrated with USB, HDMI and eSATA connectors as well. MicroSD connectors have been designed to reduce memory card fly-out and sticking problems. X-SMART connectors are an excellent solution to reduce printed circuit board space on motherboards and other desktop peripherals. With the expanding use of MicroSD cards for smartphones, tablets, cameras and other mobile devices, users of these devices want an easy way to access the information on their MicroSD cards with their desktop computers and other desktop devices.
With X-SMART combo connectors, MicroSD cards can be read and copied to a desktop computer without the need for adapters.

Our comprehensive product range includes many application-specific capacitors, including FlexiCap™, as well as standard voltages and capacitance values. All our products are available in small, medium and large volumes. We also design and manufacture a range of EMI/RFI filters including surface mount types for pcb applications, as well as threaded and solder-in panel-mounted styles.

 x-smart usb & micro datasheet 2013.pdf

 x-smart connector datasheet 2013.pdf

Product range includes:-
  • Interconnect solutions, RJ, RF, HDMI, USB and Fiber optics.
  • Isolation transformer, Common mode choke, Power inductor.
  • Antenna.
  • XP1 power rechargeable cables.
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