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Voltronics Corporation was founded in 1963 with the goad of creating a high performance glass trimmer capacitor, which could operate under severe conditions of vibration frequency and temperature. The company's engineers designed a unique sealed non-rotating piston trimmer which achieved these goals. Engineers around the world specify Voltronics' trimmers in the most demanding applications.

The company greatly expanded its line of precision trimmer capacitors. Each of Voltronics' product styles has it own unique design.

Voltronics continues to grow because we are always open to new ideas which will better suit the needs of our customers. Our "specials" number in the thousands.
"If you cannot find the perfect part for your circuit, contact us and we'll design it."

In November, 1991, Voltronics moved to its two U.S. plants into a new much larger building in Denville, N.J.

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