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Dielectric Laboratories is a global supplier of microwave and millimeter wave components for optical and wireless communications, military, medical, semiconductor, aerospace, and transportation markets. We are a manufacturer of High-Q Multi-Layer capacitors (MLC) and Single-Layer capacitors (SLC), Resonators, Filters, Broadband DC blocks, Thin Film components, and Custom ceramic components. In 2004, DLI acquired Voltronics Corporation, a world leader in precision variable capacitors.

Our primary manufacturing and product development facility in Cazenovia, New York, is equipped with modern equipment to assure consistent, high quality products that meet the growing needs of our markets. DLI supports its customers in virtually all geographic regions of the world. Our regional sales office, Ceramic & Microwave Products ( Shanghai ) Co.Ltd, provides sales, engineering, and logistics support to our customers in China .We manage an active global sales rep network from our regional sales offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The company was founded in 1974 in Fairfield, New Jersey as a manufacturer of High-Q, temperature compensating Multi-Layer capacitors. We quickly realized that carefully crafted Single-Layer capacitors were superior to Multi-Layer devices for many higher frequency applications and this was the beginning of the DiCap® product line. It also spawned the basic philosophy that drives DLI today, "deliver innovative products that enhance customers products". In 1977, the company moved to the current site.

Dover Corporation purchased the company in 1985 and, today, DLI is an operating company within the Dover Electronics subsidiary.  

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