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Easyinstallation method,convenient adjustment method

The liquid level control scope can be adjusted at will with the locating piece moving up and down.Only one screw is needed to secure the signal cable to finish installation.


Wide application scope,strong generality

The product applies to branch water,sewage,acid-base solution of less than medium concentration,oils and situations requiring no pollution(for example food and drinks industry).Diesel oil gasification kitchen range,and automatic fuel feeding..



   Microswitch:    10(8)A 250V~10(4)A 380V

   Switch currency:   +++

   ≥50 000switch workings tested by VDE specialisation

   Protective connection:  T 70U

   Protection:  waterproof

   Max.temperature:   70

  Working pressure:   max.1bar

  Circuitbreaking capacity: Directly KW with 250V