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Dual Level Controllers

Dual Level Controllers


If you want to control the level of liquid in a tank between two points and/or you want an extra control output in the event that the tank over or under fills, this controller box is what you need. The  controller  box  provides  safe  low  voltage  for  the  level switches which may become submersed and has high power relay contacts to control a pump or a solenoid valve in a gravity fed top-up system.

The DLC I provides one relay that can be configured to provide dual level control or just buffer a single float switch or other light duty switching device. The DLC II has an additional totally independent relay that can be used for any purpose. For example if there is a lack of liquid in the tank in a pumped output system the pump may run dry and be damaged. A float switch can be set just above the level where this occurs and the relay contacts wired to cut the electrical supply to the pump motor. Many uses are possible with this device, call us with your problem and we will try to help.

Dual Level Controller Datasheet


The figure above shows an example where a pump is used to top up a storage tank. Other arrangements can be controlled equally well by the Deeter Dual Level Controller. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

We manufacture many standard float switches that are compatible with the DLC I & II, we also manufacture custom designed float switches to suit your specific requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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