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Level Sensors / Float Switches

Level Sensors / Float Switches

Deeter makes a range of level sensors for liquids, from units designed as pure water level sensors to water level indicators and on to a simple water level switch.

From our 20 series compact float switch to our LVCS Continuous liquid level sensor we offer a wide range of fluid level sensor solutions.

If you want a simple water level sensor, a float level switch or a custom fuel level sensor or level indicator for almost any fluid, we are keen to hear from you. Contact our sales office on Tel: (65) 6769 1118 or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


20 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 20 Series float switch

30 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 30 Series float switch

40 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 40 Series float switch

50 Series

60 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 60 Series float switch

70 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 70 Series float switch

80 Series

Liquid Level Sensor 80 Series float switch

Custom Sensors

Custom special Liquid Level Sensors


Analog Liquid Level Sensor LVCS