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Universal High Brightness LED Driver

Universal High Brightness LED Driver


MR16 (input voltage 12V) 


E27/GU10 (input voltage 110-230V) 


  • Uses a PWM high-efficiency LED driver control IC.
  • More than 90% Efficiency.
  • Allows universal 110Vac or 220Vac or 230Vac input voltage.
  • Allows efficient operation of high-power LEDs from 8Vdc up to 450Vdc.
  • Controls an external MOSFET at fixed switching frequency up to 300kHz.
  • LED string is driven at constant current, providing constant light output and enhanced reliability.
  • Output current can be programmed between few mA to more than 1A.
  • Control up to 80 high-power LEDs.
  • Schematic wiring as below :


  • Street lamps, garden lightings, track lightings, landscape lightings, fish-tank lightings, back lightings, medical lightings.

 Advantages over incandescent/halogen lamps

  • Energy-savings and longer life span.
  • Maintenance free.

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