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The Platinum Edition (20th) of OSEA

OSEA is the biennial tradeshow that has served the offshore Oil & Gas market and its supporting industries since 1976.


The Platinum Edition (20th) of OSEA will be held from 2 – 5 December 2014 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Established as the region’s most well-attended Oil & Gas event, it has continuously attracted a high quality attendance.


Poised to upstage its previous editions, OSEA2014 will become a larger exhibition occupying 3 levels at Marina Bay Sands.


Product News

15 Nov, 2013

Reliant switch for better RF testing
Constant current, providing constant light output & reliability.

05 Nov, 2012

Cable Float Switch
Product can output stable and reliable switch control signal.

Sonor Electric

18 Apr, 2012

Electronic measuring for water & gas leaks.
Electro-acoustic water leak detection & Gas leak detection.


18 Apr, 2012

Syfer's Ultra-Low ESR MLCC's
The latest innovation in multilayer chip capacitors (MLCCs)


10 Apr, 2012

Par 30 & 38  12 LED Spot Lamp.
Unscrew the old energy wasting Incandescent


13 Mar, 2012

LED string is driven
Constant current, providing constant light output & reliability.


28 Feb, 2012

Copper floats
Upper shell held to close tolerance, flooded with high

Deeter Group

LED illuminance Solution

Hardware Design Solution

Our lighting solution gives us beautiful light that is more efficient and longer lasting than both incandescent and CFLs and contains no toxic mercury.


Power Management Design

Our commitment to our employees is to be the best; therefore, we provide a diverse environment where people work, thrive on challenge and unlashed their full potential to meet our customers' needs.


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Contact Us

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